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Name:Zachary York

Name: Zachary York
Age: 446 Years Old
Height: 6'1"
Eye Color: Blue
Species: Vampire
Immortality (He never ages and can't die, unless you burn his body to ash.)
Dayglow (No just kidding, but his eyes do have a strange unreal glint in the dark. Almost like they light up.)
Improved sense of Hearing/Smell/Taste
Improved Strength
Shapeshifting (He can turn into a wolf, vampire bat or giant bat)
Healing (He can heal from pretty much any injury, but the worse it is the more time it takes. Can be sped up by feeding)

Dependence on Blood (While he won't die, he will become more weak & deranged the longer he goes without it.)
Sunlight (It burns. Like really fair skin. The longer he is out in it the worse it hurts, but he won't catch fire, just get some nasty painful sun sickness and blistered skin)
Fire (Crosses/holy water/silver/stake to the heart/decapitation will not kill him but burning his body to ash will put him out of commission for a very long time. So will decapitation if done right.
The best way to get rid of him for a long time is to scatter his ashes or lock them in separated sealed containers)
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